World Chariot Racing Federation Italy (WCRFI)

World Chariot Racing Federation Italy (WCRFI)


The World Chariot Racing Federation’s decision to open a subsidiary in Italy, particularly in Modena, marks a pivotal moment for the harness racing industry. The founder, Sam Stathis, has demonstrated a clear vision and commitment to revitalizing and rebranding this traditional sport. Through the application of new technologies, innovative sponsorship opportunities, and crowd-funding participation models, the federation is actively driving transformation on a global scale, with Italy being one of the countries that stands to benefit significantly from this initiative.

Olympic Project: Chariot Racing Olympics – Reviving the Ancient Tradition



Introduction: As we all know, the Olympics originated in ancient Greece, specifically in the city of Olympia, and were held to honor the gods. The competitions included boxing, running, and the pentathlon, which consisted of five events like long jump, running, discus throw, javelin throw, and wrestling. The ancient Olympics also featured horse racing, currently represented only by equestrian show jumping. Interestingly, the Olympics used to open with a horse racing event involving chariots, and the true athletes of that time were the Aurigae, or what we would consider today as drivers.

The Horse Racing Tradition: The horse racing event should be reinstated as an Olympic sport, as this tradition is too precious to be lost given the passion that surrounds it. Ignoring these traditions and passions for those who manage a racetrack today is simply unthinkable!

The “Chariot Racing Olympics” Project: The World Chariot Racing Federation aims to send representatives from Italy and all other participating countries to the finals, with the intention of reviving the global passion for horse racing and bringing it back to the times of Magna Graecia.

Preserving the Passion for Horse Racing: Horse racing is an activity that involves a vast community of enthusiasts, and it is essential to preserve and promote this tradition. For modern racetracks and enthusiasts, reviving ancient traditions is an opportunity to further grow and spread the passion for horse racing. Through the “Chariot Racing Olympics” project, the goal is to unite horse racing enthusiasts from around the world and strengthen the connection between the millennia-old history of the Olympics and the excitement of modern horse racing.

Conclusion: The “Chariot Racing Olympics” project is an initiative that bridges the past and the present, bringing horse racing back into the spotlight as an Olympic sport, as we shape the future. By having representatives from Italy and other nations participate, the project aims to rejuvenate global interest in horse racing and rediscover the passion and dedication that characterized the ancient Olympic Games. We know the future of Chariot Racing Because we are creating. We welcome you to the Future.

Meet our team



Marcello Spanò





Beatrice Mattii



Beatrice Mattii’s family legacy in the world of horse racing dates back to her great-grandfather, who laid the foundation for the San Paolo di Montegiorgio racetrack. With her father being a skilled driver, Beatrice grew up immersed in the rich traditions and the exhilarating world of equestrian sports. Beatrice pursued higher education, obtaining a degree in International Business. Recognizing the growing importance of digital communication and marketing in the modern era, she further specialized in these fields.  Fuelled by a desire to broaden her horizons and gain international experience, Beatrice ventured to America. There, she honed her skills as an event organizer, providing her with valuable insights into organizing large-scale events, establishing connections with influential individuals, and understanding the nuances of the global sports industry.  Armed with her education, international experience, and genuine passion for harness racing, she assumes the role of Director at the World Chariot Racing Federation. Her mission to restore chariot racing’s former glory, while embracing modernity, drives her every action, fostering a vibrant future for this timeless equestrian tradition.





Modena: Sam Stathis’s Theometrics company, for the relaunch of horse racing, will present a pharaonic project to bring the trot to the next 2024 Olympics with the final in Athens.
Montegiorgio: Miss, horse racing and the Olympics: the entrepreneur Sam Stathis relaunches his project and plans to start as early as this year













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