Stathis Enterprises, The World Chariot Racing Federation, and Vester Holdings LLC, Launch the Pre-Olympics’ “Road to Paris” Saturday August 7th at the Meadowlands New Jersey Racecourse

“World Chariot Racing Federation & The New Olympics, Come Back To Greece to Compete For The First Time since Antiquity, in Ancient Olympia”

NEW YORKAug. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Greek-American Businessman, Sam Stathis, of Stathis Enterprises, is working to reinstate ancient Greek Chariot Racing to the Modern Day Olympics. Stathis  strongly believes in the philosophy of The Olympic Truce, which was a vital part of antiquity as a form of physical competition. The Truce brought together rivaling city states in ancient Greece to compete with each other at the Olympic Games, giving an opportunity for the heads of the cities to reconcile difference and make peace, rather the war.

“This is a golden opportunity to restore peace during the Olympic Games,” said Stathis. “During the Olympics, historically all countries would stop wars to promote world peace through competition, camaraderie and sportsmanship. That is what WCRF would like to make happen once again.”

Vester Holdings LLC was established to enable innovations across multiple sectors including sports & entertainment. Its partnership with Stathis Enterprises is a major milestone on its journey to enable innovations to be realized and a marketplace for the innovations that will be enabled through blockchain enabled applications.

“Both Vester Holdings and Stathis Enterprises found immediate synergies when we first came together. We quickly formed seamless integrations and we are pleased to support the Pre-Olympics “Road to Paris,” said Mark Chester – Chairman Vester Holdings LLC

“The World Chariot Racing Federation (WCRF) and the New USTA is an established organization dedicated to revitalizing and rebranding the harness racing industry with the application of new technologies including Block Chain and electric vehicles, new sponsorship and branding opportunities similar to Formula1 and new funding participation models utilizing crowd funding and cryptocurrency.” – continued Chester

Stathis states;

“Through the various principles and initiatives mentioned, it is no longer just a dream, it is unfolding before our very eyes, by bringing back events of Ancient Olympia, we are reviving the very essence of what the Olympics represents; fair play, greatness, and peace.”

We will be making our biggest announcement ever on August 7th 2021 and all media is encouraged to attend” announced both Stathis and Chester jointly.

About Stathis Enterprises:

Stathis Enterprises, founded by Sotirios Stathopoulos (Sam Stathis), is a passionate entrepreneur, investor, developer, engineer, inventor, and philanthropist with extensive experience in starting and operating multimillion dollar companies on a domestic and international basis.

About World Chariot Racing Federation:

Dedicated to rebranding harness racing as a “Sustainable Sport” ™ with as much thrill and excitement as auto racing, the World Chariot Racing Federation creates high-end happenings bringing together celebrities, connoisseurs of fine sporting, and top competitors from around the world. Made up of breeders, owners, trainers, drivers, tracks, fans, media and corporate sponsors The Federation also is a leader in green energy, supporting sustainability in both chariot racing and auto sports.

About TheoMetrics:

TheoMetrics oversees a diversified network of companies, products and services with a focus of bringing peace and prosperity to the world through high-level innovations and new technologies to a multitude of industries. Utilizing both blockchain & education, TheoMetrics accelerates universal knowledge through a variety of companies including Theometrics University, BEVIS by Theo and Intelligent Job Sites.

About Vester Holdings LLC:

Vester Holdings LLC, through its industry focused subsidiaries (including Sports & Entertainment, Education, Medical and Utilities). Provides innovators an eco-system to build, market, crowdfund and operate leveraging our proprietary utilization of the Blockchain ecosystem. For more information go to

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SOURCE Stathis Enterprises; Vester Holdings

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