Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Harness Racing Australia (HRA) has recently unveiled its ‘We Will Trot You’ marketing concept, designed to create a national brand focus capable of delivering a big, bold and exciting image for harness racing across the country.

The video advertisement, set to the iconic Queen Rock anthem ‘We Will Rock You,’ is already proving to be an instant hit, according to HRA, and “will be instrumental in the promotion of harness racing throughout the season.”

The ‘We Will Trot You’ campaign deliberately adopted a common usage term in order to describe harness racing the way the masses in Australia currently do. They don’t go to watch ‘AFL Football,’ they go to watch ‘footy.’ They don’t take in ‘Thoroughbred Racing,’ they go to the ‘races.’ Similarly, harness racing is called the ‘Trots.’

‘We Will Trot You’ is a direct take on Queen’s We Will Rock You – one of the best known songs on the planet. The goal in using such a song is to convey confidence and strength as a sporting power, and to gain international attention.

Source (Harness Racing Australia, Previews)

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