Rising from the Ashes: Horses Rescued as fire destroys Historic Goshen Track

Thank God no people or horses were seriously injured or killed.   Too close to home for me and the Stathis family and organizations. Both in proximate to Celebrity  Farms and our forever “burning hearts” at South Florida Trotting Center.

The outcry of love and support was there for me when we needed it most. Let’s all pull together and rebuild our icon landmark. More importantly, let’s do more to prevent or minimize.

I’ve witnessed tragedy bringing out the best in all of us before. God is giving us another message that we have to do more to prevent and minimize the damage from barn fires. I hear God loud and clear and trying my best to respond. Perhaps we cannot prevent barn fires altogether, but there are cost effective solutions to help the magnitude of the devastation.

I was days away from a press release advising of how we were investing hundreds of thousands to make South Florida Trotting Center more beautiful and safer for this upcoming season. Not that I needed more incentive after our tragedy, but this gives me one more reason to focus very heavily on safety.

Please contact me privately if I can help in any way or if someone has taken the lead on a fundraising effort to rebuild our Iconic Landmark. I will match the highest pledge in dollars and services to accelerate the process plus will offer free of cost all engineering and consulting services to make this a Theometrics Certified Intelligent Jobsite, a case study, and Agricultural  Technology show case, incubator and accelerator.

BOCES is welcome to contact me if they need a free, temporary barn in Goshen where they can operate.

THE MODEL FOR THE BARNs OF THE FUTURE: Let’s set the bar very high.

  • More beautiful than Deo Volente Farms, if that is possible
  • Safer than the renovated barns at the South Florida Trotting Center.
  • Make this a certified “Theometrics Intelligent Jobsite” that will revolutionize the Barn
  • Let these buildings rise from the ashes
  • Design, Build and Operate the new building with renewed youth, to inspire and guide our youths

We already have one of the most Iconic Harness Racing Museums in the world (a few hundred feet away) visited by the international community.

Let’s honor all the heroes of the past by building the barn of the future at their door steps.  – just a few hundred yards from this tragedy.

The Intelligent Jobsites Alliance Launched Constructions Technological Revolution which expanded into revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry.

Read more about the fire at Historic Goshen Track

Rise from the Ashes: Emerge as new from something that has been destroyed. This expression alludes to the legendary Phoenix, a bird that supposedly rose from the ashes of its funeral pyre with renewed youth.

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