Date: Sunday, May 14th,2023
Time: 1:00PM
Location: Hippodrome Ghirlandina of Modena.

On Sunday, May 14, at 1 p.m The train of Italian horse racing history will pass through ‘Hippodrome Ghirlandina of Modena. Alessandro Arletti, commander in pectore, has decided along with his staff to organize a day destined to stop the hands of time, opening it up to enthusiasts and families. Automobiles today have made us forget that already in prehistoric times man used chariots which then had a great evolution in the 13th century. Modena, through the chariot ride open to all, will make us relive the sensations experienced by our ancestors born for eight hundred years. A day that will flow between music, dancing and entertainment, in the presence of Mayor Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, Major General and Commander, of the Military Academy of Modena, Davide Scalabrin, and other representatives of institutions.

A thrill will be given by horses of the Military Academy, which will accompany in parade the participants of the Tito Grand Prix Giovanardi. And if there will also be some Miss Italy from the last few years at the side of the track, the real icing on the cake will be given by the American hi-tech company Theometrics, which, precisely in Modena, will present for the horse-racing revival a pharaonic project to hold the Trotting Olympics in 2024, with the final in Athens. An idea born to the founder of Theometrics, Sam Stathis. Standing next to him one understands the complexity of his figure, it suggests that he has something in his DNA that makes him see life as few do. Born in Greece as the last of five children, into a family so poor that holey shoes were the norm and making both lunch and dinner an exception, the turning point came with the move in the U.S.: hard work, inspiration, and the birth of Theometrics, a company that became an empire.

Theo, a religious philosophical conception that places God as the sole principle and center of reality. According to Stathis, our subjects after spirituality are “education, body care, agriculture, finance, knowledge through travel and co-construction.” That is why it is difficult to spend a whole day with him. He has a project every minute, and his company has become an empire because he deals with everything, favoring technology, satellites, drones, the machines of the future (he is also sponsor of a ferrari’s team competing in the Gt Open), and horses. Yes, He loves and respects horses. A day with him has no agenda

because if he meets on his way a sick tree, he stops, talks to the owners and if it is necessary to fund the treatment to make it heal.

His plan for the trot has a wide breadth. Through qualification, which would be contested in 11 hippodrome in Italy, in several European countries and in the U.S., would create the conditions to have ten final drivers who will compete in the finals in Ate-

ne, where his company will prepare an Olympic Hippodrome, worthy of hosting an event of such magnitude. Mission that seems impossible, but that for his worldview is something already realized. And those who know him well say that in the world Sam Stathis has accomplished many things that seemed dreams.

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