About Us

About Celebrity Farms and the World Chariot Racing Federation (www.celebrityfarms.com) Celebrity Farms is a renowned New York based racing stable and farm, which is owned and operated by Sam Stathis.


Stathis is a passionate entrepreneur, investor, developer, engineer, inventor, philanthropist and harness racing enthusiast. He has garnered respect within the business world and harness racing community for his many accomplishments and resourceful business solutions. Stathis has built Celebrity Farms stellar reputation with his star racing horses Celebrity Sweedie, Celebrity Secret, Celebrity Deville, Celebrity Juliet and Celebrity Athena. With their motto "Better, Stronger and Faster" Celebrity Farms continues to redefine how horsepower is viewed.

Dedicated to rebranding harness racing as a "Sustainable Sport"TM sport with as much thrill and excitement as auto racing, the World Chariot Racing Federation creates high‐end happenings bringing together celebrities, connoisseurs of fine sporting events around the world. Made up of breeders, owners, trainers, drivers, tracks, fans, media groups and corporate sponsors, the Federation also seeks to lead the field in the green revolution, spreading the word of ecological sustainability in both chariot racing and auto sports.

The World Chariot Racing Federation also supports multiple charitable organizations, including The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, The University of Michigan Linda Dolce Scleroderma Research Fund and The Chris Vasiliou Memorial Foundation.

Mass Market Syndication of Horses, Teams just like Nascar and Formula one- I hold dozens of patents in various industries, sometimes it is better to copy what is successful instead of re-inventing. Chariot Racing used to open the Olympics in antiquity and I challenge you to find a person that doesn't know what Chariot Racing is.


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